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QUASH - (looks like a cross between a raccoon and anteater) - These animals are wild but feed regularly. Do not solicit them or invite them back to your room. They are NOT ferocious, but WILL bite! If they should approach you, stand perfectly still, allow them to smell you until they walk away. Never attempt to step over or overtake a quash.

NIGHT WALKERS (not Street Walkers!) - They can be seen every evening at dusk. Ask hotel personnel where to look.

BIRDS - Over seventy species were sighted and cataloged on this property in a single day! We suspect as many as 250 species can be spotted within a 5 to 10 mile radius. For the bird watchers. Here is a list of birds found in this area!

SPIDER MONKEYS, HOWLER MONKEYS, JAGUAR, MARGUAY, PECCARY, GIBNUT, IGUANA - Are generally seen down by the river on our trails.

BATS - Our cave bats are good. They eat fruits and bugs. They do not fly in your hair or suck your blood!

SNAKES - In Belize non-poisonous snakes outnumber poisonous ones six to one. You will most likely never see a snake during your visit in Belize, however, the jungle is their home, respect it! We suggest:

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